Cheltenham Commercial Interior Design / Architectural Design / Space Planning

Furnish recently completed a huge Language School remodel in China. We were responsible for a total space plan and all interior design elements.


Furnish were given a 2000 square meter empty space to split into a variety of rooms. We divided the space in a way that allowed the nature and architecture of the building to be displayed and connected to. All the ‘pods’ were positioned as separate spaces within the greater environment. We wanted to echo the dynamic skyline the building sits within so every pod has a different height and shape but are linked together by¬†design cues. This created separate but linked rooms within the greater space.The interior design ethic was created to ensure it reflected the building it sat within. The space is a dynamic and angular in shape, it’s individual and purposeful. We created¬†an interior that reflected and complimented these external facets.