Cotswolds Interior Design – Victorian Cellar Conversion

April 18, 2013

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Cotswolds Interior Design – Victorian Cellar Conversion


Cellar conversion ideas:

A great project for us – something a bit different. Our client specifically wanted a minimal, industrial feel. They also wanted to make the cellar feel integral to the house; as if just another level, open and inviting.


We decided to tank the cellar in the traditional way rather than adding a membrane with raised battens and boarding. This allowed us to retain the original Victorian brickwork which we painted many coats of matt white! We installed under-floor heating as well as the beautiful, original radiator. We connected this to raised pipework and installed galvanised trunking for the electrical cables and the all media requirements.


We dressed the space with an original piece of Street Art and bespoke prints.


The team managed to clean the original brick and wood stairs which made a beautiful and inviting feature and we used a surveyor’s staff for a bespoke banister, appealing to our client’s taste. We were really passionate about removing the partition under the staircase to the first floor and after a bit of persuasion our client agreed. We replaced the wall with a bespoke piece of cut glass, this opened the space and made the cellar feel part of the kitchen, as desired.